Audacious and Bold, Graziosi’s Second Real Estate Book Drops When Everything Else is Failing

It was 2008. The economic situation was at its most tumultuous in nearly forty years, especially in the housing industry. Real estate investors closed up their wallets while retail buyers began seeing the truth for what it is. They may not be able to pay for this home after all. It was not the most pleasant investing environment. This makes Dean Graziosi more audacious in hindsight. He published his second book on real estate in late 2007 called Be A Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies for Lifetime Wealth Today.

He was essentially asking people to aspire to be a millionaire when they were facing unexpected bankruptcy and foreclosure. it was a daring strategy, and it managed to work wonderfully. When investors were only a few years into their “career,” they were hitting major roadblocks. Instead of tightening up, they just needed to learn more. They needed to strive towards millionaire status.


Winning at the Hardest of Times

Dean Graziosi is an acclaimed author in the real estate niche. The craziest thing about his success is that it largely came about through the roughest economic times of 2007 to 2010. He was already an accomplished investor for well over a decade, but his exploration into real estate teaching only began in about 2005 to 2006. This was right before the bottom fell out, and Dean Graziosi managed to retain his composure through the absurd collapse that almost buried the United States real estate world.

truth at the Right Time

Perhaps that is a major contribution to his success. He managed to speak the truth and deliver success at the hardest time. It is easy to boast wild success when the real estate industry is popping and everyone is making a quick buck.

Graziosi works with an assortment of charities, and he has published a handful of books in and beyond the housing crisis. Through it all, he stressed lifetime wealth. This is only a block in the road. The two brothers from Detroit thought the same thing, and they continued accumulating millions in a city and during a time where everyone thought that was impossible. Who said it was impossible again?


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